Serious About Solar? The Time is NOW!

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Why Solar Panels?

When it comes to major savings on electricity bills, improving the value of your home, or doing your part in creating a cleaner planet, nothing beats installing solar panels!

Why Choose EDDS?

Electric Distribution & Design Systems are licensed, experienced specialists in roofing and electrical systems. We provide expert solar panel installation that is guaranteed to last for decades.

How Much Can I Save with Solar?

According to Energy Sage, the average homeowner can expect to save at least fifteen thousand dollars over the life of their home. Investing in a full solar panel installation saves you money, raises the value of your propery, and helps create a cleaner world!

How do Solar Panels Work?

Each panel consists of several smaller components called photovoltaic (PV) cells, photovoltaic means that it converts light into electricity. Each PV cell works by allowing a photon—which is a particle of light—to knock electrons free from atoms, this action creates a flow of electricity. The higher the number of cells in each panel, and the higher the number of panels, the more electricity is produced.

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Trusted by business and home owners across the country for decades.

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    All around best solar & wind installation company around. Professional, honest, and well-priced!
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    Quick, efficient installation with no problems.
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    I have used EDDS three times for my solar system. Once for the initial install, another time to remove and reinstall the panels when my roof shingles needed to be replaced, and a third time to expand my solar system (because it was working so good!). I am happy to say that I have been very pleased with their service, and that each time they were prompt, courteous, and very professional. I highly recommend the good folks at EDDS for all your solar system needs!
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    Tommy and his crew arrived on-time, were professional, polite, and very careful to make sure there was no damage to our garden. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone who asks.
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    Tommy and his crew were incredible! They are true craftsmen. The wiring and panels look beautiful on our house!
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    You could not ask for a harder working man, then Tommy Edds. And to boot his honestly and integrity is top notch.
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    Most awesome company to work with!!!!!! Hard working, meticulous, awesome!
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    A great experience from start to finish!  Thanks, EDDS Solar!

Electric Distribution & Design Systems offers an array of solar services for residential, commercial and industrial projects of any size and scope.

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