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Generators & Batteries

High-Quality Generator Installation Service in the Dallas, TX Area

You can’t always rely on grid power, which is why a backup generator is important for anyone who depends on electricity. When the power goes out, your home or business loses light, heating and cooling, security systems, refrigeration, and many other functions that are difficult to live without. Businesses can lose significant revenue due to a power outage. We offer generator installation services to homes and commercial properties of all sizes in the Dallas area.

Customized Solutions for Reliable Backup Power

We sell and install:


  • Backup Generators
  • Solar Panel Batteries
  • Backup Power for Wind Energy Systems

Consult with an Expert and Request a Free Cost Estimate Today

Electric Distributions and Design Systems is a highly-rated company with decades of industry experience. We have the expertise and capabilities to provide you with a personalized solution for your backup power needs.


Our generator installation services are available in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, and the surrounding areas. Call (214) 679-5458 today to speak with an expert and request a free estimate.

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