Solar Panel Installation 

Harness the Power of the Sun

Get a solar panel installation in DFW of Metroplex

Are your electric bills scorching your savings? You can save money while helping the environment by getting a solar panel installation from Electric Distribution and Design Systems in the DFW area.
You can add panels to your home, business or industrial space-we'll design a system that fits any building. Plus, our team has years of experience in the cutting-edge field of wind power. You can count on us for knowledgeable advice on saving energy.

Schedule a solar energy installation appointment from Electric Distribution and Design Systems in DFW of Metroplex.

3 great reasons to install solar panels

Wondering whether solar panels are right for your space? Many home and business owners choose to install them because they come with a variety of benefits. Solar panel installation services can:
- Save you from paying rising energy bills.
- Improve your property value.
- Reduce your carbon footprint.

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Solar Panel Repair 

Are You in the Dark About Solar Problems?

You need a solar panel repair in DFW of Metroplex
You want your solar panels to continue working at top capacity, but wind, rain, and hail can take a toll on your system. Luckily, Electric Distribution and Design Systems perform solar panel repair and cleaning in DFW of Metroplex. You can count on us to detach and reset your panels to optimize their energy intake. Maybe your system is covered in dirt and dust. A solar panel cleaning service will clear away disruptive grime.

Do you need a solar panel repair or cleaning service? Ask one of our knowledgeable team members now by calling 214-679-5458.

Get to the root of your solar power problems
Are your energy bills getting unexpectedly high? Maybe you can see dirt on your panels from the ground. These are signs that you need a solar panel cleaning or repair service. Our team of experts can examine your system and diagnose any potential issues. We'll then provide an effective solution custom to your building.

Don't let the lights go out-consult a solar energy contractor from Electric Distribution and Design Systems in DFW of Metroplex today.

LED Lighting

There's a Better Way to Brighten Up Your Building

An LED lighting installation in the DFW area can make all the difference
The days of traditional lighting are in the past. LED lighting is now seen as a superior option in both brightness and efficiency. If you need LED lighting installation services in DFW of Metroplex, you can rely on Electric Distribution and Design Systems. Our team can add cost-effective and environmentally friendly LED lights to your home, landscape or store. You'll see the difference as soon as you turn them on. Plan your LED lighting installation project with the team at Electric Distribution and Design Systems in DFW of Metroplex today.

Add lights to your backyard
Do you need outdoor LED lighting? Our team can handle the job. We can install floodlights, walkway lights or decorative landscape lights. You can simply tell us where you want them installed, and we'll take care of the rest. Your outdoor space will be safely illuminated at all hours to prevent accidents and to ward off intruders.

Make an appointment for an outdoor LED lighting installation now by calling 214-679-5458.

Solar Water Heaters

Don't Run Out of Hot Water

A solar water heater in DFW of Metroplex can produce an endless supply
What if you could use the power of sunlight to heat your water without taking ages? With the right system, you can enjoy hot water and low energy bills. A tankless water heating system from Electric Distribution and Design Systems in the DFW area can improve your property value and your quality of life. These systems produce endless amounts of hot water, so you can continue showering, cleaning and cooking as often as you need to.

Find out how you can add a solar water heater to your home or business space now by calling 214-679-5458.

Upgrade your water heating system
Should you make the water heater switch? Our solar water heater units:
- Produce an endless supply of hot water
- Take up less space than traditional models
- Have a lower risk of leaking than other models
- Have a significantly longer lifespan on average

Find out more about our innovative tankless water heating system from Electric Distribution and Design Systems in DFW of Metroplex today.

Wind Turbines

Go Off The Grid

A wind turbine company in DFW of Metroplex can help you save on energy bills
Sometimes it seems like energy bills just keep getting higher. If you're sick of spending all of your paychecks on your electric bill, it's time to make a change. Electric Distribution and Design Systems is a trusted solar panel company in DFW of Metroplex.

When you need solar or wind power solutions, our team will handle every step of the job, from design and engineering to maintenance and repairs. We offer services for homes, businesses and industrial properties to help our clients save money and save the environment.

You could pay less for power
There are plenty of ways to take advantage of solar power. You can count on us for:
- LED lighting installation
- Solar water heater installation
- Solar panel installation
- Solar panel repair

We also work on residential, commercial and industrial wind energy systems. Call 214-679-5458 now for a free estimate on solar energy services.

Keep the lights on with our wind turbine repair and installation services

Wind turbines are an eco-friendly and effective way to power both residential and commercial locations. If a wind turbine stops working, though, you could be left in the dark. Don't let this happen. As soon as you suspect a problem with your wind energy system, call us for wind turbine repair. We will diagnose the problem and fix it as efficiently as possible.

Do you want to add wind turbines to your wind energy system? We can perform the wind turbine installation you need. We will set up a new wind turbine in a place where it receives plenty of wind and generates a lot of power. You'll be glad you chose us for wind turbine installation. Once we've installed the new turbine, we can come back whenever you need us for wind turbine repair and maintenance.

Contact us today to request wind turbine repair in DFW of Metroplex.

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